About the Agency

HnC is a live art/-ists agency that offers organizations, institutions and individuals the opportunity to commission and experience performance art outside recognized and institutionalized channels. Thanks to hNC, anyone can order a performance!

Countering the current trend of casting performance art as entertainment, HNC returns creative control to the artists, experimenting with the formation of new production chains and expanding the operational field for (critical) performance art.

How does HnC work?

Go online and order a semi-customized, critical performance for your gala or dinner, in-home salon or one-on-one private session. We will contact you to schedule a meeting to start the commissioning process. We will consider your preferences, try to understand the event and context and we will suggest an artist that we think would be the best match for your event. hNC will follow up, helping with the communication between you and the artist, right up until the performance time. We will also propose extras that you might want to include such as documentation or catering. For more info or if you would like to receive the project concept, contact us: info@hnc.agency



The ‘Salon’ format (Live Art in living rooms) was introduced by Marisa König Beatty during Kulturtage Thalwil. Martin Schick was invited as an artist and presented the performance Incorporation, claiming critical art as the new form of bourgeois entertainment. Agustina Strüngmann, already formerly working with Martin Schick, accompanied the work, as she was writing her master thesis about “Performance art and the fundraising gala: a look at this segment of the art world’s experience economy”. Discussions around the topic lead us to the present collaboration.

Martin Schick

Martin Schick is a freelancing performance artist from Switzerland, living between Berlin and the swiss alps. After a career as a dancer, he was educated in theatre/ performance at the High School of Arts in Berne. Since 2007 he creates his own scenic works mainly in the independent dance and theatre environment, gaining international attention and showing numerous works at significant venues all over the world. Versatile in crossing different subjects and mediums, which includes exhibitions, text and open formats, theatrical elements are intrinsic in his practice and turn his work into experimental, playful and humorous. Since 2015, he is realizing 10 residencies (RADICAL LIVING I-X) challenging his own practice of working and living thanks to the european network WEB and a grant of the canton of Fribourg (CH), 2016 on tour with LOW BUDGET SERIES, a collection of low budget based solo performances, shown at PSA Shanghai and Hongkong Art Center in the context of ART BASEL Hongkong a.o. www.martinschick.com

Agustina Strüngmann

Agustina Strüngmann is a curator from Buenos Aires, Argentina that lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. She studied art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art (2012-2013) and finished her MAS in Curating Contemporary Art at ZHdK (2015). Throughout her studies she has developed a special interest in researching in performance art and completed her thesis on performance art and the fundraising gala. Strüngmann is also in the process of creating a foundation to support Argentine artists in collaborations with residency spaces in Europe. Other projects include: A Performative Piece by Nicole Bachmann, Museum Bärengasse, Zurich, (Feb. 2015), Reflections on artistic services, performance and the institution, a short documentary in which performance artists talk about their role in the context of institutional commissions (Jun. 2015). She has also contributed articles, reviews and interviews to Barzón in Buenos Aires, The Journal of Curatorial Studies, UK, Movement Research Journal, New York, Art Nexus magazine, Miami, and online journal On-Curating.org.

Marisa König Beatty

Texas-born Marisa König Beatty began her career in NYC as a dancer and choreographer. Shortly after co-founding a multidisciplinary performance space in Brooklyn, she found her calling behind the scenes: as a curator, arts administrator, program manager, and all around performance advocate. In 2007 she moved to Brussels where she expanded her international network through her work with Dame de Pic / Cie. Karine Ponties and ZOO / Thomas Hauert. There, she also became a mother. Twice. Since moving to Switzerland in 2012 she has launched several programs through her company, könig beatty projects. These include (among others) the in-home performance series, Salon, the land-art workshop, NaturSkulptur, and the formulation of a Cultural Integration Group, an initiative developed in tandem with the Gemeinde Thalwil.  Reflecting on over 20 years experience in the cultural sector, she calls into question the economics of and traditional channels for artmaking, investigations which are supported through her work with the Impact Hub Zürich and Hnc. www.konigbeattyprojects.com




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Our Joint Ventures

Marlon Ilg

Web programming

Severin Fischer

Anna Dettwiler
Caroline Minjolle
Simon Schwarz
Paulo Wirz
Jonathan Ospina
Joerg Hurschler

Ana J Haugwitz

Ana J Haugwitz is a Colombian artist based in Zürich. She has collaborated with film festivals like Porny days and Silent film marathons organized by the Institut for incoherent cinematography, developing gastronomic solutions that intensified the festival contents on a symbolic level. This part of her work overlaps the social aspect of eating and the artistic expression itself. For money she currently manages Canzoniere.

Milena Schneider
Milena Schneider is a Swiss-Italian cook from Zurich city who flirts with the art scene. She studied Dance Pedagogy at GDS in Basel, while never loosing her passion for gastronomy. With her catering “Mimi’s Kitchen” she often works in collaboration with art projects, vernissages or festivals such as: Stromereien, Zürich Tanzt, Zürich moves!, Tanzhaus Zürich, ZHdK or Galerie Freymond-Guth. She is amazed by the possibilities of interlinking cooking and art. She is inspired by her Italian roots, a Mexican family background and the diversity of life. Her motivation is the fact that food can overcome borders and bring people together from allover the world and interests.

Maya Minder FOOD-ART
Maya Minder is a Swiss/Korean artist based in Zurich. Her vision is embedded in enabling dialogues between people. The best way to do so is through food. Kimchi Hot Dogs, Kefir-fermentations and Korean Barbecue are some of her specialities. In simple words; probiotic, spicy and good!
Maya cooked several times for Kunst+Brot, a cooking project Initiated by Marlen Groaner that enabled artists to present their cooking skills and serve a five course dinner at their studios as the best host.






What is hNC’s aim?

hnc aims to promote critical culture over decorative or service-based art whose sole purpose is to provide entertainment for the commissioning body. There is an inherent tension in acting as the interface between art and the private sector, one that HNC intends to explicitly evoke to question this relationship and to reflect upon the agency of the performance artist in general.

What are the event types?

Gala event: We offer performances for galas or larger dinner events of institutions, companies and organizations. Imaginary number of participants would be around 100 people.

Salon: We offer performances for small events in people’s homes for individuals, families and groups of interest. The host has the opportunity to invite a selected audience and to include – or not – access for a general public, customizing in this way the event’s privacy. Ideally you invite 6 friends and we sell out 6 tickets to a public audience.

Private Session: We offer performances for a single individual encounter. Time and location has to be defined by the artist, according to the commissioners’ choice or preferences.

Phone call: As a very low budget option within the category ‘Private Session’, we offer a simple performative phone call by an artist.

SMS: A very very low budget option…a performative text message, without guarantee of uniqueness!

What are the performance categories?

Intellectual: Text or research based, conceptual, or meta.

Community forming: socially engaged, participatory or “kind of repairing the social bond”.

Queer: gender bending, unconventional, against mainstream, provocative or strange.

Body centred: physical, almost traditional performance art or body as canvas.

Do-good: experiential, organic, suitable, sympathetic, musical, rather entertaining or soft.

Political: leftish, context driven, current or addressing actual issues.

How do I order a performance?

Just follow the process from the beginning, choosing the event, the type of performance and the budget options. Of course you can also just write us a mail: info@hnc.agency

Why ordering a performance?

Because it’s just more fun with a performance. Or, maybe “fun” isn’t the right word. It might make your event significant.

If I order a performance, do I have to make the event public?

No, you don’t. For a SALON you can just choose how many tickets you want to sell out to the MANIFESTA audience, for a SALON we suggest to sell 6 tickets out to a public audience, while you can invite 6 people from your circle of friends and family.

What is hNC commission/fee?

We take between 10 and 20%, depending on the case. We are a non-profit agency, if we would ever be able to pay our work on a low budget level, that would be already quite something..

Does Low Budget mean that the artists are underpaid?

Yes and No. We ask the artists beforehand for how much they would start to act (minimum fee) and then the artist just adapts to the fee, doing less for a low budget fee. Underpaid for sure is the HNc team, due to 8 refusals of 11 enquires for financial support by foundations and a kind but insufficient support by MANIFESTA (8000 CHF).

Am I going to like the performance?

There is no guarantee for such things, but for sure we try to find a good match for every situation. We do not want to “please” but we try to make the situation interesting and significant.

How can I support HNc?

Order a performance or donate to the following bank account:

KONTO: 61-594060-2
IBAN: CH56 0900 00006159 4060 2


Performance Cone/ 100 CHF
(very limited edition)

Content : DIY performance designed by hNC.

Packaging: print ( hors serie ) by Vreni Spieser, Series CAPRI JO, 80 x 108 cm, lithography, printing house Thomi Wolfensberger, 2015. Cover: ART BASEL HONGKONG bag, cut into 2 parts during a performance at Hong Kong Arts Center by Martin Schick. Additional applications from various costumes of I JUST WANNA FUCKING DANCE, initiated by Kiriakos Hadjiioannou at Réunion ZH, 2016.

* The purchase of materialized immaterial items in bSHOP supports the activities and existence of HNC .


hNC agency for the new contemporary
Martin Schick
Agustina Strüngmann
Marisa König-Beatty

Represented by:
Verein General Performances
PROGR Bern – Atelier 262
Waisenhausplatz 30
3011 Bern

Marlon Ilg, Zurich

Die Grafischen, Bern

FAIRWELL by hNC, Manifesta 11 Farewell Event

Commissioner: Manifesta 11
Date: Sunday 18th September, 2016 5-7pm
Location: Pavillon of Reflections, Bellevue, 8001, Zurich
Free entry
Event type: Gala

FAIRWELL is a festive reconciliation, acknowledging critique, as well as the pleasure of having Manifesta 11 in Zurich. HNc (www.hnc.agency) – an on-going parallel event of Manifesta 11 launched by Agustina Strüngmann, Martin Schick and Marisa Koenig-Beatty – invites their committed artists and the audience itself to perform. The intervention starts at 5pm and ends up with a perfectly curated performance for the Pavillon of Reflections by hNC.



SMS # 6

Artist: Tamara Alegre
Date: 18th September, 2016
Categories: queer

Performance by Ali Al-Fatlawi & Wathiq Al-Ameri

Commissioner: Migrationsmuseum
Date: Friday 16th September, 2016 7pm
Location: Turbinenstrasse 54, 8005, Zurich
Categories: political
Event type: Salon


“Supposed to be”, Performance by Søren Berner

Commissioner: Veronique Larcher
Date: Friday 16th September, 2016 8pm
Categories: community forming, do-good
Event type: Salon


SMS # 5

Artist: Vreni Spieser
Date: 11th September, 2016
Categories: Intellectual

Phone call #6

Artist: Oliver Roth

Location: Zurich
Date: 11th September, 2016
Categories: do-good

Private event

Wild Card Profitraining, Tanzhaus

Commissioner: Martin Schick for Tanzhaus
Date: Friday 9th September, 2016 10:00 – 11:30 hs
Location: Tanzhaus
Artist: Marc Mouci

Public event: http://www.tanzhaus-zuerich.ch/projekte/wild-card-schick

Super Tell Tales, Performance by Søren Berner

Commissioner: ETH, Communications Department
Date: 31st August, 2016
Categories: community forming, do-good
Event type: Gala

SHY SHY,  Performance by Teresa Vittucci

Event: Manifesta Night, Löwenbrau
Commissioner: Manifesta
Date: 26th August, 2016
Categories: queer
Event type: Gala / Public



An Odyssey, Performance by Gregory Hari

Commissioner: Tanzhaus
Date: 24th August, 2016
Catering by: Ana Haugwitz, Canzoniere                                                                                                                         Categories: Intellectual, do-good
Event type: Gala / Private


SMS # 4

Artist: Vreni Spieser
Date: 23 August, 2016
Categories: any

SMS # 3

Artist: Maya Minder
Date: 13 August, 2016
Categories: queer

Phone call #5

Artist: Mathias Ringgenberg

Location: Zurich
Date: 9th August, 2016
Categories: queer

Private event

SMS # 2

Artist: Marc Mouci
Date: 8th August, 2016
Categories: political

Phone call # 4

Artist: Nils Amadeus Lange

Location: London
Date: 20th July, 2016
Categories: queer

Private event

Phone call # 3

Artist: Ali Al-Fatlawi

Location: London
Date: 11th July, 2016
Categories: political

Private event

Performances San Dance Company, Bares Wissen by San Keller

Location: Pavillion of Reflections
Commissioner: Julius Bär
Date: 6th July, 2016
Categories: community forming, do-good

Private event


Phone call # 2

Artist: Bucci-Moro Entertainment

Location: Zurich
Date: 2 July, 2016
Categories: do-good

Private event

SMS #1

Artist: Daniel Hellmann
Date: 22 June, 2016
Categories: queer


Phone call #1

Artist: Beatrice Fleischlin & Anja Meser

Location: Berlin
Date: 20 June, 2016
Categories: community forming, body centred

Private event


Commissioner: hNC
Sa. 18.06.2016 / 20.00

Impact Hub, Viaduktstrasse 93, 8005, Zürich





Performance THE FUTURE IS NOW!
by Annina Machaz

Commissioner: Manifesta
Sa. 11.06.2016 / 21.00 Manifesta Artists’ Party, Negroni Bar,
Tellstrasse  CH-8004 Zürich

Do you want (to order) a performance?


Select your Performance type:


Suitable for institutions, organisations or groups holding large-scale events, with or without fundraising intentions.


Suitable for individuals wanting to host customized, in-home performances, with or without public audiences.


Suitable for individuals seeking a one-on-one encounter in private or public spaces. Personal phone calls or SMS’s from the artist also available for very low budgets.

What kind of performance would you like?


Tendentially leftish, institutional critique, context driven, current or addressing actual issues.


Tendentially gender bending, unconventional, against mainstream, provocative or strange.


Tendentially text or research based, conceptual, or meta.

Community forming

Tendentially socially engaged, participatory or “kind of repairing the social bond”.

Body centred

Tendentially physical, almost traditional performance art or “body as canvas”.


Tendentially experiential, organic, suitable, sympathetic, rather entertaining or soft.

What is your budget?

high budget

You pay what a performance would actually cost, recognising the value of experience, reputation, production size and/ or cast. High Budgets give you access to our joint partners, such as caterers, designers and documentation specialists.

low budget

You pay the artist’s minimum fee, but not much else – a constraint that the artist has to deal with. The lack possibly provokes a contemporary aesthetic or an unornamented encounter, where the content becomes the focus.

very low budget

You pay too little for a physical appearance, you get a phonecall from an artist instead.

very very low budget

You are super cheap, you get an SMS from an artist. No guarantee for uniqueness.

You are about to order:

We will contact you to schedule a meeting and we will start the commissioning process. We will consider your preferences and try to understand the event and context and we will afterwards suggest an artist that we think would be the best match for your event. hNC will then follow up, helping with the communication between you and the artist, right up until the performance time. We will also propose extras that you might want to include such as documentation or catering.

Great job!

You just got yourself a performance. We’ll be in touch to discuss the details.

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